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Binational Internship Program
Opens: March 1, 2020
Closes: Oct. 13, 2020

Program Description

Unique among Fulbright programs worldwide, the Binational Internship program was created in 1996 to promote mutual understanding between the business communities in Mexico and U.S. During a ten-month period each grantee interns at a company or organization. At the same time, grantees take graduate classes at one of Mexico's most prestigious private universities, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), with a focus on international business.

The combination of both professional and academic components provides unique insight into the bilateral relationship. While the majority of placements are with for-profit companies, each year there may be opportunities to work in the nonprofit sector. COMEXUS is unable to guarantee placements in specific companies, sectors and/or industries.

In the last several years, COMEXUS has placed grantees in the following companies: Casa Dragones, Ashoka, Scotiabank, Endeavor, Asociación Mexicana para las Naciones Unidas, Angel Ventures, Collective Academy, MásNegocio and Volaris among others. Please note that the list of participating companies and NGOs is subject to change every year.

Security Policy

The Commission follows the recommendations of both the Mexican government and the U.S. Embassy Travel Warnings when placing US Fulbright grantees in Mexico. This may mean that placement will be restricted in certain states or areas of Mexico depending upon these recommendations.
See U.S. Department of State webpage for detailed information:


• U.S. citizen

• Proficient Spanish

• Minimum degree: B.S./B.A. by program start

• Must not be living or working in Mexico during the application process

• Double citizenship candidates can compete for a grant.


• Round-trip airfare

• Monthly stipend

• Fulbright medical benefit plan

• Tuition

Call for Applications

• Opens: March 1, 2020

• Closes: October 13, 2020 5:00 pm EST

• Universities often have an independent nomination process with internal deadlines. See your campus Fulbright Program Advisor.

• NOTE: As the Binational Internship grant is unique in the Fulbright world, most Fulbright Program Advisors will not have adequate information on how to write a successful grant for this program. Please have them contact Jessica Contreras at for more information or contact Merin McDivitt at

• Candidates applying "at-large" must submit their application online through When applying, please select Study/Research as award type and select Internship for special award type.

• For further information please email:

• Shortlisted candidates will be invited to be interviewed in February 2021.

Starting Date

• Ten month grants from Sept. 1 through June 30

The US-Mexico Commission for Educational & Cultural Exchange is the leading binational agency dedicated to promoting understanding between the two countries through educational exchange of citizens who have demonstrated excellence and leadership.

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